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"Leather Leggings - Best Hosiery for an Edgy-Chic Fashion Statement"

Leather leggings, (also called "wet look" leggings), appeared on the catwalk circuit in the Fall season of 2008 and it looks like they're here to stay. You either love them or hate them, but they're still hot as a newly-baked pie. Black liquid shiny leather leggings

Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

I personally like the gloss of this hosiery because it's such a stylish alternative to plain black leggings. They add an exciting, feel and and completely different texture to your outfit. If you love wearing black as much as I do then faux leather leggings are a must in your wardrobe!

Faux or the Real Thing

Faux leather is easier to care for compared to the real thing (not to mention that they're cheaper and available almost everywhere!), because you can just throw it in the washing machine without worrying about damaging the material. Faux leather leggings are made from spandex or similar stretch fabric with a black polyutherane outer coating.

Types of Faux Leather Leggings


Matte non-shine leather leggings Matte wet look leggings are much more toned down than most shiny tights - they're less glossy and attract less attention. Very subtle and versatile.

This a fab option if this is your first time wanting to try out these and your style is more classy and casual. With me, I wear mine with my oversized knit sweater and knee high riding boots, or for parties; a tank top, platform heels (and sometimes a blazer).

Snake Print

Croc snake texture print leather leggingsAnother legging texture that gives your outfit a little bit of spunk. Snake print-textured leather leggings aren't for the girly-girl (obviously) but they're without a doubt a stylish bottom-alternative for days when you're feeling extra bold and want to show off your wild side without looking like you're trying too hard.

I usually combine mine in the same as my matte leather leggings, And yes, my snake print leggings have a matte texture to them as I don't like the cheap super-shiny type. Definitely more versatile, in my book.


Liquid shiny leather leggingsI have to be honest, these are my least favorite of all 3 styles because they're so loud in their fashion statement and my style is classy.

No matter how hard I try to imagine outfit combos to tone down the liquid leggings, they still look plastic in my eyes. But of course, some teens and young women are capable of pulling off this look because they have the right attitude and personal clothing style (such as Urban, Trendy and Eclectic).

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How to Wear Leather Leggings

Leather leggings outfit ideas
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus, Getty Images, ASOS and Wireimage
Leather leggings aren't shabby if you mix and match 'em right. They're perfectly adaptable with most styles as long as you choose the right accessories, top and shoes to go with these funky leggings.

Also keep in mind that these type of statement-making piece of clothing usually magnifies whatever you pair it with.

For example, wear them with Converse high-tops and you'll look like you came straight out of a rock music video from the 80's. Wear them with fancy heels and you'll likely look like a socialite trying to to look 'downtown'.

So take an extra minute or two to plan your outfit with these leather leggings - take time to figure out how to balance out your outfit in terms of style (it should never look too much).

Here are tips to pull off the leather-legging look:

  • Balance out the rock'n'roll feel with casual and classy pieces
  • For example: a knit sweater, sweatshirt, slouchy boots. Layering is also a great way to dress down the leggings. Eg. Simple tunic tee, cardigan, bead necklace and/or scarf.

  • They're not pants
  • Black diamond print lace tights
    Courtesy of Celebutopia However if you feel the need to wear a top tucked in the leggings, then purchase the jegging-type that is structured more like legging-like skinny pants. Or simply go for leather pants.
  • Buy the right leggings for your size
  • A size bigger is more safe than something that fits you exactly. Just a word of warning from me to you, to help you avoid the tacky camel-toe. Camel-toe combined with leather looks much worse than regular spandex fabric.

  • Avoid doing a double-whammy on the leather
  • Leather on leather is a little tricky without looking too much. So if you insist on wearing leather with leather I suggest that you break up the outfit by for example wearing a leather jacket in a different color than the bottom (eg. Brown, beige) and wear a casual tunic. And not least, mix various leather textures!

  • Dark brown and black leather leggings are the best and most versatile. Period... :)

  • What shoes to wear:
  • Most types of shoes go with them, except for flip flops, summer cork wedges and glitzy strappy high heel dress shoes (except for the really simple type without any glitter, rhinestones, etc.), which just look sooo wrong together.

    Here's a list to give you an idea of what goes with wet-look/leather leggings: Gladiator sandals (but the style has to match the leggings!), platform shoes, open toe and closed pumps (not the frilly kind), flat boots, high heel boots (not the thin heel type), ankle booties, wedge boots.

    What shoes to wear with wet look leather leggingsfashion tipTip: Knee to thigh high boots are perfectly ok to wear with wet look leggings - as long as the boots don't look too tacky (example: super pointy toe and thin heel)

    fashion tipTip #2: For extra chicness create a seamless look between foot and legging. Meaning; the color matching the legging with no skin showing from your foot. In this way, you'll also look taller and leaner.

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Shop Leather Leggings Online

Mini globeShopping tip for international readers: Expensive worldwide shipping? US store doesn't ship to your country? Save up to 50% off retail price in your home country and gain access to the goodies. Try a mail forwarding service!
I bought both of my leggings (standard matte and matte croc print) on eBay. One from UK (non-branded but for the quality was really good) and the croc-print from a South Korean eBay shop (also very pleased with the quality). So if you have an eBay account or are planning on getting an eBay account here are some eBay links where you can buy the leggings: Croc snake texture print leather leggings
Courtesy of Chicline (eBay)

PS: The One Size tag on most of the leggings sold on Chinese and South Korean eBay stores is a downside to it. My tip is to type in 'leather legging' and add a 'medium'/'M' or 'large'/'L' to filter out the One Sizes.

eBay's 'leather leggings' search results

Chicline (where I bought my croc-snake textured leggings. One size for UK 6-12. But you can also find a Free Size for UK 12-14 (M) and 14-16 (L). If that makes any sense...)

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